Winchester Event Marketing has more than 25 years of experience creating high-impact signature events. We offer a comprehensive menu of services that can easily be tailored to your budget, needs and goals.

Event Production

Event Production

Yep. The nitty gritty. Our experience means your success. From venue selection to contract negotiations, to vendor management, we cover all the bases—and then some!

Political and Cause Marketing

Political & Cause Marketing

We share your passion to change the world! WEM has a special commitment to working with campaigns and causes that are close to our heart. Let us help you create a movement—and momentum.



Can an event help advance your organization or cause? Are you getting great value from existing events? Need to build support? Events can be highly effective in helping you meet your goals. We’ll analyze how events can be part of your strategy for growth and optimize the events you have now. We can also help you plan or expand an event marketing program.

Speakers & Entertainment

WEM has experience selecting and booking speakers and entertainers from ex-presidents to up-and-coming jazz artists. We can help you develop a program, provide support, manage the talent, and negotiate contracts. We can also provide speechwriting and other services for your own presenters as needed. Let us develop the right concept, secure the best talent and work with you to dazzle your audience.



This is where we shine. We can take the lead on lead lists and swing for fences. We know how to ask for and raise serious money. We can grow your base of sponsors, donors and supporters. And we can create high-value sponsor packages that sponsors love. From making the pitch to managing all the accounting details, we have the breadth and depth you need.

Communications & Collateral

Words and websites. Apps and invitations. Brochures and signage. The social stuff. WEM can develop your brand, plan, conceptualize and produce all the marketing collateral and creative work associated with your event.

Project Management

Project Management

End to end. Soup to nuts. We do it all. From concept to post-event follow-up, we deliver on every detail.

“WEM was a high-octane consultant as we created new leadership events in support of newly constructed annual giving programs at the school.

“Creative, smart, effective and tuned in to the myriad details of event management and fundraising, Kim has BIG visions and the energy to make them come to fruition. I cannot think of anyone I would prefer to have on my side when trying to create an event that would both raise money and promote my cause.”

— Dr. Ted Wilson, President, Schools for Children, Inc.

Conferences and Expos

Conferences & Expos

Let us design a powerful experience for your stakeholders or customers that gives depth to your brand and establishes your leadership. WEM has designed events for Boston Children’s Hospital, the Together PAC, and major retailers. We can manage every detail from concept to sponsorship sales to audience development.

Budget and Finance

Budgeting & Finance

WEM has served as finance director for numerous events and campaigns. We have particular strengths in budgeting, planning and financial goal-setting and have regularly manage $1M + projects.

Auctions and Galas

Auctions & Galas

WEM can help you celebrate your success, honor your traditions, and build new resources for your future. If you’re a nonprofit or a school looking to engage and energize important stakeholders, let’s talk.


Staff & Volunteers

Do you use volunteers to staff your events? No worries. We’ll develop a plan and train your people. We can also hire, train and manage experienced event staff for you.

Need Ideas? Let’s Brainstorm.

We’re happy to spend up to an hour brainstorming at no charge, provided we have time. So why not give us a call or shoot us an email?

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