Lesley Ellis School

Development, Annual Fund, Marketing and Consulting

Growing Support and Resources for a Small School

“WEM was a high-octane consultant as we created new leadership events in support of newly constructed annual giving programs at the school. Creative, smart, effective and tuned in to the myriad details of event management and fundraising, Kim has BIG visions and the energy to make them come to fruition. I cannot think of anyone I would prefer to have on my side when trying to create an event that would both raise money and promote my cause.”
—Dr. Ted Wilson, President, Schools for Children, Inc.

Schools for Children, Inc. a nonprofit that manages schools and education programs, asked WEM to provide consulting for one of the schools in its portfolio on its development program and community-building efforts.

As part of our work for this school, we revamped the annual school auction to increase attendance and revenues. We also worked with the administration to design a series of new community building events, increase participation in the annual fund, and develop new marketing strategies that enhanced local awareness of the school.

Among the activities we developed and implemented were a “Dads” team for the school’s annual fund, a series of parent social events, and Friday night family “play dates,” which have since grown to become a major factor in the life and culture of the school. These activities have enjoyed high rates of participation and have served to cultivate long-term support and parental engagement and build greater awareness.

Project Details